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Korff Locally

We are one of the biggest employers in the Commune of Sobótka and are proud of being pro-actively involved in the life of the community. We actively engage in local projects supporting the promotion of the region and empowering local communities. We are also committed to the support and promotion of organisations, charities and causes, helping organise charity, sports and cultural events.
We take pride and joy in supporting local community-led activities, represented by both formal organisations like local authorities, local country housewives’ associations, and volunteer schemes and programmes, as well as families and individuals in need. Initiatives promoting our region are particularly dear to us. We had the immense pleasure of being featured as a sponsor on the pages of the Ślęża Mountain Calendar and are members of the Visit Sobótka programme. Our ambition was to also have a product and symbol within our offering that refers specifically to our region, which is why we came up with a series of products based on the silhouette of the Ślęża bear, the most popular of which include personalised “bear” address plaques and signs.

Local Products

We’re passionate about promoting our area, which is why we have designed products based on the silhouette of the famous Ślęża bear, which can be customised according to your needs, including:

  • address plaques

  • bookends, and

  • folder and leaflet stands

Supporting Local Communities

  • Voluntary work

  • Community support

  • Sponsorship of sports teams
  • Sponsorship of sports events
Korff Isolmatic Sp. z o.o.
Wojnarowice, ul. Lotnicza 12
PL 55-050 Sobótka 1
tel: 0048 71 39 09 099