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Insulation of Devices

Thermal and acoustic insulation of devices is widely used in the energy sector, chemical industry, oil industry, metals industry, machinery and tools industries, and the food industry. Elements made of polyurethane or other materials are used in a great many machines and devices that are also components of a given structure.
Korff Isolmatic produces these elements according to the Client’s know-how, in collaboration with their R&D departments, independently tailoring and designing the most effective solutions to meet their specific needs. We fulfil the requirements of serial production, pre- and final assembly, warehousing and logistics. Thanks to our modern machine park, we can also accommodate short production runs, including unit production runs.
Korff Isolmatic Sp. z o.o.
Wojnarowice, ul. Lotnicza 12
PL 55-050 Sobótka 1
tel: 0048 71 39 09 099