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Korff Isolmatic – producer of a wide range of technical insulation products and cold insulation rings


Our products will not only reduce the energy intensity of your systems and devices but also extend their lifetime!

Cold insulation pipe support rings – our flagship product – made from high-density polyurethane foam and integrated with steel load-bearing elements. We also specialise in the manufacture of hot, cold, and acoustic industrial insulation systems.

Korff Isolmatic, as the leading manufacturer on the building and industrial insulation market, also provides the following services:

Precision and bespoke insulation machining services employing saws, CNC milling machines, waterjet cutting systems, coating of materials, and thermal insulation coating using thermal process technology.
Prefabrication of insulation – mainly hot, cold, acoustic and fire-rated insulation for bespoke projects for industrial plants.
Manual assembly of finished products, semi-finished products, and in-process product labelling.
Customisation of insulation materials according to the Client’s documentation and know-how.
Korff Isolmatic

Korff Isolmatic specialises in the manufacture of technical insulation materials.

Korff Isolmatic has successfully been soliciting EU funding to support company growth and development. The introduced innovations concern machinery resources and the development of industrial production and services rendered, as well as the export activities carried out by the company. The implemented technologies and successive achievement of goals and objectives have given Korff a competitive advantage on domestic and foreign markets.
Korff Isolmatic Sp. z o.o.
Wojnarowice, ul. Lotnicza 12
PL 55-050 Sobótka 1
tel: 0048 71 39 09 099