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Polyurethane Foam Technology

We possess all the required infrastructure to produce special fittings from rigid polyurethane foam and other composites. We design and produce high quality goods of varying geometry and density, with integrated metal and plastic reinforcement.

Manual Assembly Services

We also offer manual assembly services involving mounting, fixing, and coating of insulation components and steel elements. Precision assembly equipment and devices together with process quality control allow us to increase working efficiency while reducing the risk of damage or error.
Semi-automatic workstations also reduce the total production time and are suitable across a broad spectrum of technical insulation product applications. We have our own sheet metal shop where we tailor the designed sheet metal to the assembled elements. Thanks to our extensive industry experience and expertise, our product offering is constantly growing based on the newest and most innovative solutions available and adjusting to the needs and expectations of our valued Customers.

Machining (Cutting & Milling) and Laminating Services

At Korff Isolmatic, we combine different insulation materials: rock and glass wool, styrofoam (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polyurethane variants (PUR and PIR) that are vapour tight, and come with or without reinforcement or surface stabilisation (aluminium, PVC, etc.). We use abrasion resistant coatings, bitumen coatings, surfacing veils and technical textiles. Our modern machine park with CNC machines and our highly trained and specialised personnel have facilitated the implementation of modern insulation solutions. We are the manufacturer of choice when it comes to special solutions in the area of thermal, acoustic, and fire protection insulation, as well as insulation for the cooling industry. We are perfectly equipped to deliver a broad spectrum of bespoke solutions by combining materials and harnessing their unique properties.
As a supplier of logistics solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our contractors, we utilise a wide range of solutions, starting from Kanban-based collaboration, right up to maintaining dedicated stocks of products.

Waterjet Cutting Technology for Insulation Materials

Waterjet technology is the most universal cutting technology because it can cut virtually any material, from polyurethane or rubber, through glass and polycarbonate, right up to metal, steel, and even natural stone. Waterjet-based cutting is also environmentally friendly as it is dust-free and does not make use of any aggressive chemicals. The process uses an ultra-high pressure jet of water mixed with an abrasive material. Waterjet cutting means there is no heat affected zone, so that there is no destructive influence on the material, no discolouration, and no heat distortion, leaving the surface integrity of the material intact.
This is the go-to choice for high precision cutting in every branch of industry. No matter what you are cutting, you will achieve exactly the effect you want. Visit and browse our dedicated Waterjet site:
Korff Isolmatic Sp. z o.o.
Wojnarowice, ul. Lotnicza 12
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tel: 0048 71 39 09 099